Keez’s ‘Water Creatures’ is an Hour-Plus Array of Electronic Jams


Bend, Oregon songwriter/producer Brad Jones, aka Keez, released a massive collection of songs late in 2015. Water Creatures is a 17-track monster, melding elements of reggae, pop, funk and hip-hop with inventive electronics and featured guests on various cuts.

Now with a full band in tow for live performances—guitars, drums, a brass section and more—Keez will hit the stage on March 11 at The Capitol in Bend for a Water Creatures CD release show.

Having been a musician for many years now, in various bands, and producing for other artists as well (with tracks being featured in trailers for films such as Neighbors and Ant-Man), Keez is on a steady roll, and his newest album is an increasingly successful part of that.

You can stream Water Creatures in full below and purchase the album through Bandcamp or iTunes.

Brian Leak

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