Ski Lodge will “Crush Your Heart” with upbeat new single

Ski Lodge

New York’s Ski Lodge have honestly released nothing but quality music, much of which has gone overlooked in many corners of the music world; a massive loss for those not paying attention. Undeniably drawing influence from ’80s new wave and English alternative favorites, fans of anything from Simple Minds to The Smiths should feel right at home with the works of Ski Lodge.

The band’s newest single, “Crush Your Heart”—taken from their upcoming EP, New Life—boasts an interesting dichotomy where an upbeat, dance-inducing instrumental serves as the foundation to somber, loneliness-themed lyrics, all wrapped up in a cut I imagine Robert Smith would be fond of. Listen through below and let us know what you think.

“Lyrically this song for me is kind of about the need for humans to have some sort of partner to go through life with,” Ski Lodge frontman Andrew Marr told The FADER, where the track premiered. “I’m kind of questioning whether some people are actually cool with being alone, and how there is so much fear in people about never finding someone. I produced the song myself, with the help of my drummer Jake Beal. It was a really fun song to produce, because I felt like I hadn’t recorded anything quite like it in the past.”

New Life, serving as the follow-up to 2013’s excellent Big Heart LP, is due out on February 26 via Old Flame Records. You can order the six-track EP on cassette here.

*feature photo courtesy of Yoni Shrira

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