Future Myth offer hypnotizing indie rock with two singles from debut EP

Future Myth

Make a little room on your radar for San Jose, California’s Future Myth, an indie scene shoo-in born from the remains of past Bay Area acts.

With the foursome’s debut EP, Flashbulb Memories, due out next Friday, January 29, the band is sure to start making waves in the indie rock realm with a wholly engrossing sound that at times brings to mind the works of Real Estate, The Radio Dept., the sadly defunct Low Vs. Diamond and even Mac Demarco.

Boasting intricately layered instrumentation peppered with spaced-out effects and post-rock elements, the two singles streaming below offer excellent evidence of what to expect on the band’s inaugural effort—a six-track, drearily dreamy stunner that’s sure to impress.

Let us know what you think and keep an eye on UTG for more from Future Myth in the near…future.

Brian Leak

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