Get buzzed with Opium Denn’s conceptual ‘Demarkation’

opium denn

Late last year, Opium Denn, hailing from “everywhere and all time,” released the nine-track Demarkation, an auditory experience that pushes the boundaries of what might be expected from a traditional album and serves as the first entry in a planned trilogy. In sound alone, Opium Denn brings to mind expansive psyche-rock in the vein of Pink Floyd with hints of raw, ’90s post-grunge and classic rock. With mesmerizing arrangements and layers of lush instrumentation, it’s a real journey.

One of the unique aspects about Opium Denn’s newest release is the use of HEV—or Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations—which apparently provides the listener with an “unusual buzz.” This curious factor pairs nicely with the almost hallucinatory vibe that emits from much of Demarkation‘s 37-minute runtime.

You can stream the non-HEV version of Demarkation below where you can also check out the first three accompanying videos of which nine are planned to add a visual element to each cut on the album; overall, a very comprehensive project.

Brian Leak

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