Brand New Confirm New Release In 2016, New Kevin Devine LP In Strange Press Release


Brand New are a band that likes to play games with their monstrous, rabid fanbase. Their latest game comes in the form of a press release from in-house record label Procrastinate! Music Traitors, which seems to confirm a new record from the band, as well as a Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band LP, amongst other tidbits of information.

If Procrastinate! is to be believed, Brand New will have a new release in an “unconfirmed format” available through the release by year’s end. Kevin Devine’s new full-band endeavor, as well as a release from a band called Greater Pyrenees will both release on traditional LP. If I had to put money down, I’d assume Jesse Lacey and friends will release their new material in a traditional format as well, albeit with far more tomfoolery.

Check out the very cool press release below.

brand new 2016 procrastinate press release

John Bazley

John Bazley was raised in central New Jersey by the romantic aura of the Asbury Park beachfront, punk rock, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. He is still trying to figure all of this stuff out.

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