REQUIRED LISTENING: Edward Cuozzo offers poignant, acoustic beauty on ‘The Silvia EP’

Edward Cuozzo

Edward Cuozzo is likely an unfamiliar name, but if the Scranton, Pennsylvania singer-songwriter’s newest EP gains the traction it deserves, “Cuozzo” will be on the tongue-tips and turntables of every alt-acoustic music lover with a taste for everything from Elliott Smith to Brand New.

Over the course of six tracks and 23 minutes, the former Social State frontman emits a lot of darkness, both in his music and lyrics. Lines like “Always, the good get hell / We’re like run-down motels” and “It’s hard being but an option, among better / When I’m bleeding out a river of honest blood” show Cuozzo with his heart on his sleeve, fighting the good fight. There’s positive love and light too, though. “When I’m with you, love, entangled in your touch / It don’t take too much to see that even heaven’s envious” should serve well as a deeply affectionate note on a significant other’s Facebook wall or hand-delivered card this fast-approaching Valentine’s Day.

Recorded and mixed at his own home on a Tascam DP-02CF 8-track recorder, the album has a very organic, bedroom softness to it. It feels vulnerable yet comforting, relatable in theme—whether it be painful love lost or love at its best. It’s an accessible, easy listen overflowing with heart and humanity. Listen through below and let us know your thoughts.

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