Bear Attack announce breakup, stream final EP

bear attack

“What if I make it, and it doesn’t feel like anything?”

Up until today, indie/pop/folk act Bear Attack had been all but silent on social media for almost a year. Last we heard from the band, they were taking their time writing a new release but no mentions of it being their last were brought up at that time. However, the band reappeared today to share Epochs, a four-track EP that will serve as their final release, much to our dismay.

Below, you can find a note from the band on their separation and stream Epochs in full, which we highly suggest you do. Despite it being the band’s swan song, it’s beautiful front to back.

“‘Epochs’ was written and recorded over the course of the last year. We loved making it and are so excited to finally hand it over to all of you.

This is going to be our last release as a band. It has been so special and life changing to make music for you all over the course of the past five years. We have all grown up as people and musicians while in Bear Attack, and it is something that we will cherish forever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has ever come to a show, learned the words to our songs, and passed us along to friends. We’ve had many amazing opportunities that literally would have been impossible and meant nothing without the support of all of you—our loving friends and fans.

Even though our time as a band has come to a close, we are all just getting started. Please continue to follow and support us along the way. And if you ever miss Bear Attack, just put us on and we’ll be together :)

We love you. Thank you for everything.”

We were lucky enough to be able to work with the band back in 2013 to share a brand new single with listeners, a track we still spin to this day. We wish the members of Bear Attack the very best in their future endeavors and will be following their respective moves along the way.

*feature photo courtesy of Peter Lee Johnson

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