James Brant opens up on debut LP, ‘Strange By Design’

james brant

Philly singer-songwriter James Brant was no stranger to playing music before releasing his debut solo LP, but it took some time playing in other bands before everything clicked in order for him to take control of a project born from his vision alone. “A solo album is something that I have wanted to do for literally over 10 years,” Brant admits. “All of the pieces never seemed to fit together at the right time so the project was always pushed aside. Throughout the years I kept my creative side satisfied by being involved in other music related projects. The most recent time the idea popped back into my head it felt like the right time.”

That eventual timing and synergy resulted in the 14-track full-length titled Strange By Design, an effort dense with mostly acoustic-led cuts that highlight Brant’s songwriting abilities from beginning to end. Also including banjo, mandolin, piano and more, Strange By Design traverses several moods with beautiful arrangements and honest lyricism, and as an introduction to a newly solo artist, it’s impressive to say the least.

Strange By Design can be streamed in full below. You can keep up with James Brant on his official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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