PUP continue their perfect video streak with “DVP” lyric video

pup dvp

After streaming the lead single from their upcoming sophomore LP late last month, the Canadian punk four-piece known as PUP have unveiled its accompanying lyric video, and in typical PUP fashion, it’s fucking great.

Featuring imagery from ’80s and ’90s video game franchises such as Mega Man, Super Mario Bros., Toejam And Earl, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Earthworm Jim and countless others, creator/director Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux has really outdone himself. The lyrics are seamlessly inserted into each game clip with fonts appropriate to the source material. It’s genius really. Check it out below, via Nerdist.

Details regarding PUP’s upcoming LP are still under wraps but the effort is expected to drop sometime this Spring. Keep an eye out here at UTG for more info.

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