Secoué stream stunningly evocative new EP, ‘Of Heaven’


Long Island quintet Secoué are streaming their newest release, a five-track EP titled Of Heaven, which also serves as the first album of 2016 likely to render you a pathetic puddle of emotions, slowly seeping through the floor into your basement, where you’ll listen to the album all over again just to try and cope. It’s supremely heavy, both in tone and lyrics—beautifully dark and tragic, and raw beginning to end. Even at just 23 minutes in length, it’s sure to deeply resonate with fans of emotional hardcore and post-emo type bands ranging from Brand New and Citizen to Pianos Become The Teeth and Touche Amore.

Along with the premiere of the EP over at Punktastic, vocalist Christian DiStasi explains that Of Heaven—dedicated to his mother who passed away in January of last year—is “a record about dealing with mental illness, but most importantly, it’s a record about life.” On Facebook, DiStasi shared the album with a gut-punch of a caption: “This one’s for you, Mom. I love you and I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” Yeah, take that in then feel that pain throughout Of Heaven below. Prepare to take the rest of the day off.

Of Heaven is out as of today, February 10, so head to Secoué’s Bandcamp and purchase this beauty so you’re ahead of the curve on what’s sure to be a steamroller of a career moving forward.

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