Mike Rebel Debuts “Twisted & Laidback”

mike rebel

Cloaked in a mysterious aura as he keeps his face concealed in all press photos, Mike Rebel extends seemingly meticulous control over every aspect of his artistic output. This notion is apparent not only in his fashion choices and online presence at large, but his debut single as well.

Entitled “Twisted & Laidback,” the track is a head-turning introduction to the hip-hop scene as Rebel switches up his flow with natural ease atop a thunderous, churning beat that makes nuanced adjustments at all the right moments. Lyrically, the Los Angeles based rapper shows just as much flair with the propensity to not only write killer punch lines, but also shrewdly tackle societal issues such as the discrimination black Americans face on a day-to-day basis.

Follow the jump to spin “Twisted & Laidback” and be sure to peep the first video concerning Rebel’s mystique here.

Mike Giegerich

Mike Giegerich is a freelance journalist with an affinity for the hip-hop scene. His top-five favorite records of all time are Future's last five releases. Feel free to blow up his mentions on Twitter.
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