Shiver share impassioned new single, “Lost And Found”


Salem, Massachusetts indie/emo four-piece Shiver have yet to announce details regarding their upcoming full-length, but if the lead single they just released is any indication of what we can expect, this band is gonna start making huge waves very quickly. You can listen to the relatable, heart-rending “Lost And Found” below and download it at a price of your choosing via Bandcamp.

“‘Lost and Found’ is a song we wrote a while back, and it’s the first single off our upcoming LP,” vocalist Chris Babbitt tells UTG via email. “It was inspired by seeing an old friend, and it made me realize that I had been through an entire transitional period in my life since I had last seen her, or since she had been a part of my life. At that point, we had become two completely different people. Even though we used to be so close, all we could really do at that point was reminisce.”

Don’t sleep on this band. Their potential is borderline frightening.

Brian Leak

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