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jim wellman

Jim Wellman offers smooth and funky jazz on ‘Dawn To Dusk’

Ex-Brand New Heavies (unfortunate, obligatory name-drop) multi-instrumentalist Jim Wellman has a brand new solo album set to release on Monday, February 29. The album, which should speak for itself with no strings attached to past endeavors—co-founded by the man himself or not—offers 11 tracks of funky, mostly upbeat, jazzy numbers with hints of acid and […]

rare futures video

Rare Futures share celestial, stop motion video for “The Pressure”

Not long ago, New York’s Happy Body Slow Brain decided to drop some syllables and announced that they’d be going by Rare Futures moving forward. With that, the groove rock four-piece—led by Matt Fazzi (Taking Back Sunday, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, Atlas Genius, The Dear Hunter)—announced a brand new full-length album, titled This […]

UTG PREMIERE: Kinky Rhino – “All-American Slam”

As you probably gathered from their very rad band name, Kinky Rhino are here to have a good time. The brainchild of one-man-band Jeff Wright, the fast-rising outfit’s fuzzy brand of rock is made to be blasted at high volumes, preferably in the company of some equally rambunctious listeners. It’s delightfully persistent, but never at […]

UTG CONTEST: Win a vinyl copy of The Toxic Avenger’s New LP, ‘Ξ’

Known worldwide for his brawny basslines and forward-thinking compositions, DJ/producer Simon Delacroix is not your typical turntable titan. Operating under the moniker of The Toxic Avenger, the 33-year-old Frenchman boasts an undeniable ear for the infectious, as is apparent by his extensive and highly-acclaimed back catalogue. There’s an edginess to his lush, layered sounds, and […]


Pine continue to take over with live performance of “Lopri”

A few days ago, I mentioned a band that has been after my own heart as of late: Ottawa’s Pine. They recently released a Little Elephant session for their track “Letters,” and now they’ve given us the second half of that performance with their track “Lopri.” Featured on our Valentine’s Day playlist, “Lopri” is off […]

UTG PREMIERE: Laura Jean Anderson – ‘Righteous Girl’ EP

We’ve only just become acquainted with Laura Jean Anderson, but already she’s proving to be one of our favorite finds of 2016. The Washington native’s commanding croon is all-encompassing and undeniable, while her timeless take on songwriting is equally rich and rewarding to the ear. There’s a refreshing, almost nostalgic quality to her unique blend of […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Everyone Leaves discuss upcoming 7-inch split, being on tour, and Kanye West

“Everything we’ve done has been indicative of who we are as musicians. It’s never just us trying to fit into a label or a genre.” UTG recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob Bialosky (vocals/guitar) and Aubree Roe (vocals/bass) of Everyone Leaves, a Columbus, Ohio five-piece whose music is akin to bands like Bayside, […]

ON THE ROAD: February 2016 Tour Roundup

On The Road is your trusty, bi-weekly guide to ongoing and upcoming tours from many of your favorite artists. This list will be updated regularly with dates and other necessary information for you to get that mark-your-calendar fix. If you feel we’ve forgotten anyone, don’t hesitate to point it out. Leave a comment down below! North America: The […]

mike rebel

Mike Rebel Debuts “Twisted & Laidback”

Cloaked in a mysterious aura as he keeps his face concealed in all press photos, Mike Rebel extends seemingly meticulous control over every aspect of his artistic output. This notion is apparent not only in his fashion choices and online presence at large, but his debut single as well. Entitled “Twisted & Laidback,” the track is a head-turning introduction […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Polyenso discuss their local scene and musical metamorphosis

Despite the stronghold of pastel polos, bronzer, and Jimmy Buffet covers, St. Petersburg, Florida is slowly releasing its Miami Vice-grip to a hipper, more artistic population. The current music scene—if you want to call it that—is mostly bands and artists like Polyenso. They are remnants of the “screamo” wave that ruled the 2000s. Once known […]


MUST WATCH: Wilson – “Give ‘Em Hell” music video

Earlier today, Michigan party rockers, Wilson put out a brand new music video via VEVO for their track “Give ‘Em Hell.” The video starts off with the entire band inside a locker room, then vocalist Chad Nicefield pops in with a giant, retro boombox suddenly talking about a group called the “Lil Turds.” Who could they […]


Get Lost In Pine’s Little Elephant Performance Of “Letters”

Pine, an indie rock band from Ottawa, Canada is a band after my own heart. With their debut release “You Bury Me,” and following up with two more killer tracks off of a split with Dead Leaves, Pine are, in my opinion, one of, if not the band to watch in coming years. They blend […]