UTG PREMIERE: Fighting Sides – “Stand Tall”

Fighting Sides

This morning, we’re elated to bring you the world premiere of Fighting Sides‘ newest single, “Stand Tall” – a commanding alt-rock romp destined for repeat listens. Stream it below and share your thoughts with us in the replies.

Chatting with UTG via email, vocalist Robbie Hiser shared:

“‘Stand Tall’ was by far the hardest song to write. I wrote the original version earlier in 2015 and it was completely different. We all liked the track but thought it was lacking something. Everyone worked really hard on it for a while and we just couldn’t think of anything. Then heppard suggested playing a more “groovy” or dance-like beat, and when that came together, we all felt inspired again! Alex came up with some cool stuff on guitar and the song felt perfect.”

The Atlanta foursome’s latest offering is taken from their forthcoming EP, Haven’t Scored Yet, which is set to arrive March 18. If you’re a fan, pick up a pre-order here.

Kyle Florence

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