UTG has a newly revised Patreon and we need your help!

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UTG’s Patreon, originally launched in August of last year, has been completely rebuilt to support more realistic expectations from both the patrons and us, the content makers. We have big things on the way with many positive changes and plenty of great content.

Below is a revised version of our original explanation of the Patreon and how you can help:

Under The Gun Review has been delivering entertainment news and reviews since 2008, but for the last five years the company was owned and operated by a third party corporation that cut corners, refused to pay the writing staff, and generally showed a complete lack of interest in further developing UTG.

We, the staff of UTG, recently fought and won the right to have the site returned to our control. We now own the domain and the content hosted on it, but we also have the responsibility of maintaining the site and ensuring that the bills associated with it are covered. It’s with this in mind that we have turned to Patreon in hopes that you, our reader, will help us create a sustainable business model that allows us to update the site, as well as pay our beloved staff.

So, what is this thing all about?

Patreon is like Kickstarter, but instead of helping us fund one big project you are contributing to the continuation of content creation on UTG for the foreseeable future. Every donation received will be used to either cover costs associated with running the site (hosting, maintenance) or pay our staff. Think of it like you’re putting change in a tip jar for your favorite site.

The costs to continue operating UTG will run us $100 – $150 a month currently. Every dollar made beyond that point will be divided amongst our editors and contributors or goodies for Patreon supporters. Our hope is to be able to offer something to everyone who gives their time and hard work to our site, but we need your help to make that happen.

We are asking everyone to contribute just $2 a month (at the lowest tier) to our site. If you can contribute more, or if you would rather make a one-time donation, that would be great as well. The [new, simplified] reward tiers are listed below.

After eight years of stories and reviews we have reached a point where our staff is largely comprised of adults trying to balance work and school, work and family, or all three. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We have tried very hard to not ask for handouts, but in order to build the future we envision for UTG we must ask for your support. Thank you for everything.


$2/Month – For just $2 a month you will receive a digital high-five, as well as access to our undying love and appreciation until the end of time.

$4/Month – For a measly $4 a month, you will have access to our monthly newsletter which includes highlights from the site as well as a letter from the editor, staff recommendations, and original content you’ll only get here.

$10/Month – As a patron of our $10 tier, you will be listed on our website as a “Rich Uncle.” This listing will include links to your Twitter and/or website and will be featured on the back page of our newsletter as well. You will also get first dibs on limited runs of UTG swag once a year at cost.

Show your support for UTG at our Patreon page!

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