Pass out with Sparrow Sleeps’ lullaby versions of all your favorite punk and emo songs

sparrow sleeps

Rockabye Baby! may cover the classics, but Indianapolis duo Sparrow Sleeps take a more modern route and record covers of songs and full albums from all your favorite bands in a style that could be considered the musical equivalent of a crib mobile and herbal microwave bear. With clever, baby-friendly title reworks in tow, Sparrow Sleeps have taken on Brand New, Thrice, Say Anything, blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, and Bayside, just to name a select few.

With over 25 full, sleepified versions of your favorite scene staples, Sparrow Sleeps has been continually crushing the lullaby game for over two years now, gaining big traction every step of the way. It certainly doesn’t hurt when a superstar like Hayley Williams gives your work a shoutout seal of approval.

The latest somnolent adaptation to become available is Sparrow United, a take on I Am The Avalanche’s 2001 sophomore album, featuring the single, “Brooklyn Dodgers.”

Below are a few past examples of their work as well. Head to their website to check out the full collection and start loading up your nighttime playlists.

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