Two Tongues reportedly recording new music

two tongues

In an era of cryptic album teasers, indie-rock side project Two Tongues (Max Bemis and Colby Linder of Say Anything, Chris Conley and David Soloway of Saves The Day) were very straightforward about what they’ve got in store for everyone this year.

The band that brought us “If I Could Make You Do Things” off of their self-titled and only record in 2009 is making a comeback after five-plus years. In an effort to be the complete opposite of vague, Max Bemis sent out a tweet not too long ago that says, “We are literally recording the new Two Tongues right now.” We’ve got the tweet for you down below.

And yes, that feature photo you see up there really is old. Let’s hope they update those soon, too.

Thank you, Bemis. Really.

Dana Reandelar

If not hunched over her desk writing about music, Dana can be found binge-watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls or condensing long rants to 140 characters. She also writes for Idobi Radio, and is an Off The Record podcast contributor.
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