UTG PREMIERE: Equipment – “Commuter”

equipment feature

A project, known as Equipment, started about a year ago for the 18-year-old Toledo, Ohio-based musician, Nick Stoup. After releasing prior material throughout this past year, we’re excited to premiere his new song, “Commuter,” which he says is “what I’ve wanted to do ever since I started playing music.”

“Commuter” was recorded in downtown Toledo at an arts building in a room rented out from the indie-alternative, Toledo-based guys in Secret Space, whose drummer Steven Warstler performed on the song. Check out “Commuter” below along with some words from Stoup regarding what inspired its theme.

“This song is basically about how staying at home to go to college was more appealing to me than kind of going off and going to a school with any of my friends or out of town,” Stoup says. “After deciding that a few months in, I began to regret it, noticing how everyone was living seemingly fuller lives than I was, and I was just kind of stuck in my parents’ basement.”

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