UTG PHOTOS: Asking Alexandria in Grand Rapids, MI (03/09/16)

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Asking Alexandria made a midweek stop at The Intersection with supporting acts Seraphim, The Broken Scene and Elan Vital. This show may have fallen in the middle of the week but the Grand Rapids music scene forever remains loyal and showed up with a lot of anticipation and energy. Following one of our first nice Spring days of the year here in Michigan, I wasn’t surprised to see the line wrapped well around the block and down the street.

This show was stacked with local talent. Elan Vital came over from the Grand Haven area to play material off their full-length album, Tearless. The Broken Scene drove up from Kalamazoo to entertain us with material off their new EP, The Ones You Stand By, available now through Bandcamp. Both bands offered an impressive and engaging show, but when Seraphim took the stage the momentum in the room shifted dramatically.


Hailing from the Grand Rapids area, Seraphim is a five-piece metal band that you need to familiarize yourself with as soon as possible. Playing material from their new EP, Tabula Rasa, which was just released on March 4, Seraphim offered a powerful stage presence and a polished sound that is sure to appeal to most metal fans. To ensure the crowd completely lost their minds, they announced prior to their performance that they would be shooting a live music video for “Gravity Slave,” which is available now and perfectly reflects the quality that Seraphim puts into their live show. I look forward to watching these guys explode onto the scene because honestly, it’s just a matter of time now.

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Asking Alexandria took the stage last, bathed in a wall of light. This was my first opportunity to catch AA in over two years and my first time seeing them since Denis Stoff took over as their vocalist. Following the release of their music video for “The Black,” everyone in the crowd was anxious to hear some fresh material off the new album, and of course they did not disappoint. Everything about their performance was impressive. From their efforts to interact with both the crowd and the media, to their ability to never miss a beat in the midst of constantly running around each other on stage, Asking Alexandra may be one of the most aesthetically exciting bands that I have had the opportunity to photograph. Their new album, The Blackis available now! 

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