UTG PREMIERE: Two O’clock Courage – ‘Missalette’

two o clock courage
Today, UTG is elated to bring you Two O’clock Courage‘s infectious new LP, Missalette, a full week ahead of its official April 8 release. Get in on the action after the break and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Speaking on the Los Angeles punks’ latest offering, vocalist James Davidson shares:

“I’m really big on lyrical content of songs, so I put a ton of time into saying what I wanted to say on this record while at the same time trying to tone it down. I didn’t want to be too heavy-handed. On some of our past releases we were still searching for a sound, so I think I was a little more liberal with my lexicon and delivery on those records. I kind of tried to be more centrist on this one and people seem to be resonating with it a lot more. We went through variety of lineup changes since the recording of this record, and for awhile it felt we’d never get to play these songs, so we’re really happy to finally get this album out.”

If you’re a fan of Missalette, keep up with Two O’clock Courage on Twitter and Instagram.

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