IIIZ create electronic rock matured well beyond their teenage years

iiiz band

IIIZ (formerly The Yip Yops) is a four-piece electronic-rock band from the Southern California desert whose members are all in their mid to late teens—something you’d never guess when listening to their unique brand of rock.

Bringing together elements of ’80s pop and new wave in the vein of Depeche Mode with raw garage rock and EDM, surprisingly, the band have really nailed down a niche that will find them standing out amidst the many unvaried sounds currently sweeping the musical landscape. With shared vocals between frontman Ison Van Winkle and multi-instrumentalist Mari Brossfield, there’s a welcomed contrast layered upon a foundation of Devo and Gang Of Four-like instrumentals.

Below, you can view IIIZ’s trippy video for their single, “Manic Pixie,” and also stream their new album in its 13-track entirety.

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