UTG PREMIERE: Verdoux – “Calusa”

verdoux premiere

This morning, we’re kicking off the week with a killer new single from California indie rockers Verdoux. Titled “Calusa,” the Upland-based trio’s latest toe-tapper is taken from their forthcoming EP, Crossing Borders, which is slated to arrive on April 15 through Wreck It Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.

In regards to the outfit’s new track, vocalist Michael Taber shared:

“’Calusa’ is a song about denial and putting yourself into something that you don’t believe in. It was written two years ago about a gig that took place in the corner of a small-town casino in central California. The band was on a hiatus and I took a gig with a well-paid cover group. I remember not feeling any passion in that space, neither from the band or the audience. It was an artistic low for me. It was in those moments on stage that I decided that I needed to find that passion again. So I left the cover group and Verdoux continued, but in a different direction. During the hiatus we all had a chance to grow—both as musicians and as people—and that really shows itself in the new direction and the maturity of the sound we have created.”

While their schedule remains open for the time being, we’re confident that 2016 is sure to be Verdoux’s biggest year yet. Keep tabs on the band here, and jam “Calusa” below.

Kyle Florence

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