letlive. share new track, “Good Mourning, America”


letlive. have always given off an air of “urban underground.” Something about their music just screams city streets and making the best of rough situations.

In their new track—the first off their upcoming full-length, If I’m The Devil (due out on June 10 through Epitaph Records)—they portray much less of a frantic feel than their past endeavors, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It still has hints of that panicky sound, so we’ll probably still hear that in other tracks on the album. “Good Mourning, America” has a much more southern rock sort of vibe to it as well. But again, where other bands might make that feel forced, letlive. make it work in a fantastic way.

Stream “Good Mourning, America” below (via Noisey) and pre-order If I’m The Devil now through Epitaph Records.

If I’m the Devil track listing:

1. I’ve Learned To Love Myself
2. Nü Romantics
3. Good Mourning, America
4. Who You Are Not
5. A Weak Ago
6. Foreign Cab Rides
7. Reluctantly Dead
8. Elephant
9. Another Offensive Song
10. If I’m The Devil…
11. Copper Colored Quiet

*feature image courtesy of Jon Weiner

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