1ST VOWS surprise fans by playing Envy On The Coast tracks during encore set


It’s not exactly a reunion, nor are there definite plans for Long Island post-hardcore five-piece Envy On The Coast to reunite for the time being; however, two former members who have since formed 1ST VOWS gave fans a treat during their encore set in New York City earlier this week by performing EOTC tracks “The Gift Of Paralysis” off Lucy Gray and “Like I Do” off Lowcountry.

“We love creating/playing with our current projects (1ST VOWS, The Hand That Wields It, NK, Heavy English), but we didn’t anticipate how incredible it’d be to play these songs again,” Brian Hunter and Ryan Byrne wrote on the band’s Facebook page. “This is a sensitive matter to us, ‘cause EOTC, as a band, was the sum of its parts. That being said, we have incredible musicians in our corner (as you can hear) and we miss playing these songs. We want to play these songs again. This is the best we can do right now. If this is something you’d like to see happen, we’re listening…”

Envy On The Coast disbanded in 2010 with its members wanting to pursue other projects.

Check out fan-shot videos for “The Gift of Paralysis” and “Like I Do” below:

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