Run The Jewels, Gangsta Boo employ nature’s beauty in new video for “Love Again”

Run The Jewels Love Again

Run The Jewels cover a wider variety of topics on 2014’s Run The Jewels 2. “Love Again,” which features a truly spectacular verse from Gangsta Boo, is all about sex. The group has just released a video for the song (via go90), and it is brilliant.

The video—which you can watch below—employs butterflies feeding, bees pollinating, and a host of flowers to mirror what Killer Mike, El-P, and Gangsta Boo are describing in the song. Not only is the concept incredibly clever, it’s also beautifully shot. We recommend watching the video on a smart TV or at the very least in full screen in order to really appreciate how detailed and stunning some of the shots are. Director Ninian Doff has previously created music videos for acts such as Migos and Kasabian, and he has crafted another amazing work of art for Run The Jewels.

Run The Jewels 3 is scheduled to come out sometime in 2016, and we’re hopeful that we get more spectacular material on the level of “Love Again.”

Gabe Aikins

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