UTG PREMIERE: LTTRS – “Frances” feat. Jesse Lawson (lyric video)

LTTRS premiere

Bremerton, Washington’s LTTRS is a band after our own collective heart here at UTG. The quartet’s upcoming album, Worlds We Roam, is a conceptual effort revolving around characters in the DC Universe. Touching on this idea, the band says, “We wanted to do a concept album from the beginning. When we started writing, DC was making movies and better comics for their fans, and we got inspired. The album is a personal take on the characters we love. Hopefully, we do them justice.” (Justice – get it?)

Today, we have the pleasure of premiering a lyric video for LTTRS’ single, “Frances,” whose subject is the one and only Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. The track focuses on the destructive relationship between Harley and her beloved Mr. J, and it features guest vocals from ex-Sleeping With Sirens guitarist Jesse Lawson.

Speaking on the theme for this particular song, lead vocalist Zander Grey tells UTG:

“Since this is a concept album, and the songs are about DC characters, Frances in particular is about Harley Quinn’s obsession with the Joker. A lot of the songs, I try to relate to my life. The band and I collaborate about the music, but I have the honor of writing the lyrics and stories that I wanted to tell through our songs, through words. The song is about how sometimes we can’t help but be obsessed with something we love, or something we really need or want. It’s about the constant inner fights we have with ourselves to center our obsessions and wants/needs in life.”

You can watch the lyric video for “Frances” below.

Worlds We Roam is due out this Friday, April 22. Pre-orders are available through Bandcamp.

*Feature photo courtesy of Ryan McKinnon

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