UTG PREMIERE: The Energy – ‘When We Were Young’

the energy premiere

Brooklyn rock quartet The Energy are just a day away from releasing their fifth studio album in an impressive decade-plus career as a band. Today, we have the distinct pleasure of premiering the entire nine-track effort a tad early for fans to enjoy.

Speaking on the new album, titled When We Were Young, the band excitedly shares the following:

“We’ve waited two years to bring this to you. Now we can’t wait any longer! ‘When We Were Young’ takes us forward while looking back at our past. It is the story of our decade together as a band; the touring, the sleepless nights, the wild revelry…the crescendos and the breakdowns. It’s the best we have to offer, while sometimes reflecting on the worst. It is us, and we are thrilled to be sharing it with you, our fans and family. Please now attune your ears and ready your souls for ‘When We Were Young.’”

When We Were Young is due out tomorrow, April 23. The band will be celebrating the album’s release with a show at The Studio At Webster Hall in New York (tickets are available here).

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