UTG PHOTOS: Goldfish in Grand Rapids, MI (04/10/16)

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On April 10, the multi-talented duo Goldfish made a stop at The Stache in Grand Rapids, MI for an EDM performance unlike anything I have experienced so far. With local supporting acts Vantage and Stay At Home Dabs, I’m starting to wonder why anyone in Grand Rapids even bothers going out to the bars with so much talent that has been coming through this venue. Like seemingly everything in the city, the dance scene is growing like a wildfire, with more and more people showing up to these shows painted up and ready to party.


Vantage was the first to take the stage without a single person on the floor yet. Having a chance to grab a couple shots of him with an empty guard rail was kind of surreal because within minutes he had the whole place on their feet. This was my second time watching Vantage open for a major act and the second time being blown away at his ability to rope in the crowd. After a brief interview, we can confirm that he has been grinding away in the studio and we can expect some new material by the end of the year. Chris Van Horn is a charismatic monster on stage and I look forward to tracking his future endeavors.


Next up was Stay At Home Dabs with a much more relaxed set – like the calm between two storms. In a B2B style performance, the duo, being Mr. Segrin and Sammy Ruckspin, offered a carefully thought-out mix of fun and funky tunes that wasn’t so much engaging as it was enjoyable to listen to. Some more energy and crowd interaction would have really brought this set together.


Closing out the night was the insanely talented duo Goldfish, hailing all the way from Cape Town, South Africa with a wide variety of live instruments, groovy jazz beats and an overall energizing presence. Both musicians demonstrated an expertise in instruments such as the saxophone, double bass, flute, keys, and used countless modifiers to accompany them. They took the time to engage with both the crowd and the media, offering stories from the road to entertain the room. Goldfish provide an awesomely unique concert experience in a scene where DJs are struggling to stand out. I would highly recommend this duo to any fans of electronic music.

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Benjamin Howell

Benjamin is a photographer and videographer specializing in live event coverage.
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