Wake The Wild provide synth-pop goodness on “Touch The Ground”

wake the wild

Bay Area outfit Wake The Wild have meshed airy synth-pop with mesmerizing live instrumentation on their new single, “Touch The Ground.”

Featuring an irresistible hook that finds vocalist Zach Sorgen assure, “Not gonna let each other touch the ground,” the track bursts out of the gates with warm vibes aplenty and never lets go (besides its final minute that finds the band looking slightly inward before climaxing into the chorus one last time).

With that being said, don’t wait a second longer—go give “Touch The Ground” a listen after the jump, and while you’re at it, be sure to follow UTG on Twitter for more music news as well.

Mike Giegerich

Mike Giegerich is a freelance journalist with an affinity for the hip-hop scene. His top-five favorite records of all time are Future's last five releases. Feel free to blow up his mentions on Twitter.
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