Guy Grogan offers a variety of rock on ‘Dynamite Bouquet’

guy grogan

Earlier this year, Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Guy Grogan released Dynamite Bouquet, a raw 10-track effort that traverses several areas of rock, but seems mostly rooted in garage-rock stlyings one might expect to be inspired by Ozma and early Weezer—although Grogan might shrug in indifference if met with this comparison. “Knowing what you sound like is kind of like looking into the mirror,” Grogan’s been quoted saying. “You see yourself, but don’t have a real sense of what you look like to the rest of the world.”

Lyrically, the award-winning one-man band touches on subjects like uncertainty, loneliness, and love lost—themes whose inherent gloomy tones are often masked by more upbeat instrumentation and arrangements. You can listen through Dynamite Bouquet for yourself below to get a sense of it all and see if you agree.

You can head over to Grogan’s Bandcamp page to check out his several releases he’s put out over the past five years or so.

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