PUPPY ALERT: Watch Tegan and Sara’s dog-filled video for “100x”

Tegan and Sara 100x

Just days after Tegan and Sara released the super fun video for “U-Turn,” the sisters are back again with a new song and video, “100x” (via Noisey).

If you’ve ever thought, “I really wish Tegan and Sara would release a music video with a ton of adorable dogs,” you have now had your wish granted.

The song is a deeply somber tale of a relationship that lasted too long before falling apart, and the video finds the duo sitting stoically with a whole collection of equally somber-looking puppies. The music video is directed by Jess Ross, and the sad puppies combined with the song itself will definitely tug on your heartstrings. Grab some tissues then watch the video below.

All of these music videos are leading up to the release of Love You to Death on June 3.

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