Agalloch break up…err…become a one-man project…err…go on hiatus


The metal world was abuzz on Friday with news that long-running Oregon atmospheric black metal band Agalloch was breaking up. This was first stated on the band’s Facebook page.

As is often the case, the truth seems to be more complicated than initially thought. Vocalist/guitarist John Haughm took to Facebook to clarify what was happening. You can view his statement below the jump.

So all of that is to say that we shouldn’t expect anything from this musical entity for a little while, if at all. From here on out, anything we get will be the John Haughm show.

The band’s most recent release is the universally-hailed Serpent and the Sphere from back in 2014.

J.J. Ellis

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  • Patrick L. Bertlein

    This was on the Agalloch website, posted today. It’s now official. I think he had hesitations about breaking up the band, but now its clear this is done. Everything on the Facebook page was removed, including the comment suggesting Agalloch possibly being a solo project.

    “In May 2016, founding member John Haughm parted ways with Don, Aesop and Jason and, after careful consideration, permanently put the band to rest.”