Tomás Doncker supporting ‘The Mess We Made’ on Summer tour

tomas doncker

Brooklyn-based Global Soul pioneer and True Groove founder Tomás Doncker has announced a run of performances to take place this Summer at various venues and festivals. Supporting his latest album, The Mess We Made, a powerful blues epic inspired by the Charleston Massacre, Doncker will be joined by the True Groove All-Stars for what they’re calling The True Groove Summer Celebration.

In regards to his latest effort and where he’s at as a musician, Doncker has said, “Great music transcends. It elevates and transports us to different places, to different states of mind. It opens the doors of healing and tolerance. Its mere existence makes us better! I’ve always wanted to be a part of that story. My participation in that far outweighs any so-called ‘career’ I might have. No regrets or hesitation on my end as far as that’s concerned.”

The dates for The True Groove Summer Celebration can be found below. You’ll no doubt have the opportunity to experience those notions mentioned by Doncker as he and his bandmates take the stage for each performance. You can get a taste of what to expect below in the band’s recent 360-degree video.

Tomás Doncker and the True Groove All-Stars tour dates:

June 5th – Blues In The Loft, South Orange, NJ
June 11th-12th – Armonk Fol-De-Rol, Armonk, NY
June 18th – Trenton Art All Night Festival, Trenton, NJ
July 2nd – Paul’s Tavern, Lake Como, NJ
July 9th – Sprout Music Collective, West Chester, PA
August 27th – Sprout Music Collective, West Chester, PA
September 11th – South Mountain International Blues Festival, West Orange, NJ

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