SNBRN teams up with Holly Winter for “Sometimes”


SNBRN started off 2016 strong with the rare chance to tap into never-before heard Nate Dogg vocal samples on “Gangsta Walk,” a summery explosion of west coast vibes. Fortunately for us, it appears the SoCal producer is continuing his hot streak with a powerful new electro-pop single entitled “Sometimes.”

Featuring Holly Winter behind the mic, she proclaims simple yet impactful lines such as “sometimes I’m better off alone” while the instrumentals build up to a wonderfully layered drop that will encourage plenty of listeners to let loose and dance the night away as the summer months progress.

Check out “Sometimes” after the jump and be sure to follow UTG on Twitter for more music news.

Mike Giegerich

Mike Giegerich is a freelance journalist with an affinity for the hip-hop scene. His top-five favorite records of all time are Future's last five releases. Feel free to blow up his mentions on Twitter.
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