UTG PREMIERE: Night School – “Casanova”

night school premiere

Oakland, California trio Night School are preparing to release a brand new full-length record, titled Blush, on June 17 through Graveface Records. Today, the band has partnered with UTG to stream “Casanova,” a gritty and jangly garage-pop jammer with touches of shoegaze for good measure. You can listen to the track below.

Speaking to UTG about the song’s theme, guitarist/vocalist Alexandra Morte says, “‘Casanova’ is a song about heartbreak and self destruction. It’s a fictional storyline, told from the perspective of someone who has let themselves get lost inside false promises from someone they wanted to trust.”

You can pre-order yourself a copy of Blush through Graveface’s Bandcamp page. They’ve got digital downloads for those who like to save space and limited cassettes and vinyl for those who need something to touch.

night school tour

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