Indie singer Chris Hoepfl releases introspective solo album, ‘Memoir’


This year has been amazing so far for music releases. Our current favorite bands are releasing new albums along with those we thought lost to the void of hiatus or the once-final “break-up.” But we must not stop seeking out new music each and every day as well.

On Monday, May 30, Chris Hoepfl—frontman of Maryland’s up-and-coming indie darlings Changing Scene—self-released his debut solo album, Memoir, a twelve-track vacation in melancholia.

The entire album was recorded in Hoepfl’s bedroom using a Boss loop guitar effects pedal to lay down each track, giving it a beautifully tasteful lo-fi aspect. We reached out to Chris regarding the writing process and his inspiration for the record and he had this to say on the subjects:

“Over the winter, I was rediscovering old songs that I either had written over the years or that had just been left unfinished. I was also writing new material that felt similar to those old songs, so I decided to make an album out of them. The songs on ‘Memoir’ are very reflective. They’re about events in my life that deeply affected me. ‘Memoir’ is a product of introspection.”

You can stream Memoir, which is up for “Name Your Price” on Bandcamp, below. Also, stay tuned to Changing Scene’s Facebook page for news on their upcoming full-length record which should be out later this summer. Their first two EPs are also available on their Bandcamp.

*Featured image courtesy of DeToto Photos

Kacy Raby

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