The Lost Poets’ ‘Insubordia pt II’ is dark and gritty

lost poets

Self-proclaimed “swamp rock” duo The Lost Poets is a very busy band. Having relocated from Sweden to Los Angeles, the ever-mysterious two-piece has a lot going on this year, including a new album, a short film, and a children’s book to boot.

The Lost Poets’ newest release, Insubordia pt II, is a 10-track rocker packed with grunge, grittiness, driving guitars, aggressive vocals, and a darkness that often looms throughout. The eeriness is only amplified by the nature in which its faceless creators present themselves.

Below, you can stream Insubordia pt II in its entirety, view the band’s music video for “Danny Electro,” and a very brief trailer for their short as well.

Brian Leak

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