Oshi and D∆WN debut “Lemonade Lakes”


As part of Adidas and Yours Truly’s #songsfromscratch series, Oshi and D∆WN have teamed up for a gorgeous new single. Titled “Lemonade Lakes,” it manages to carry the unmistakable vibes of a club-ready track without ever accelerating into upward tempo territory as a groovy bass-line and stuttering house percussion introspectively swirl under D∆WN’s transcendental vocals.

Give “Lemonade Lakes” a listen after the jump and be sure to check out the making of the song on #songsfromscratch as well.

Mike Giegerich

Mike Giegerich is a freelance journalist with an affinity for the hip-hop scene. His top-five favorite records of all time are Future's last five releases. Feel free to blow up his mentions on Twitter.
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