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The Bad Chapter

Phil Druyor (Attack Attack!, I Am Abomination) Starts New Project, Releases First Single

After Caleb Shomo parted ways with Attack Attack!, I Am Abomination’s Phil Druyor took over the role of frontman. Shortly after, the group changed their name to Nativ, but that endeavor ended up not lasting very long. Even though Nativ ended up not working out, that hasn’t stopped Druyor from starting up a new post […]

I Am Abomination

REVIEW: I Am Abomination – Let The Future Tell The Truth

ARTIST: I Am Abomination ALBUM: Let The Future Tell The Truth GENRE: Progressive Metal LABEL: None I Am Abomination have been releasing music over the last five years and have managed to stay relatively under the radar during that time, which is something the band has been very proud of. Let The Future Tell The […]


Attack! Attack! Recruit Phil Druyor of I Am Abomination, Druyor Releases Statement

After already reporting on Caleb Shomo’s departure from Attack! Attack! and reemerging under the alias Beartooth, it seems Attack! Attack! have recruited Phil Druyor of I Am Abomination to fill Shomo’s shoes as the band’s new vocalist. Druyor has released a statement about Attack! Attack!, the becomings of I Am Abomination as well as new songs. […]

I Am Abomination

STREAM: I Am Abomination – “Retainer Sacrifice” & “One False Step”

In case you didn’t know, the Michigan post hardcore group known as I Am Abomination recently released a full length album titled Let The Future Tell The Truth. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then be sure to take a listen to these two songs taken from the album. They are titledRetainer Sacrifice” […]

I Am Abomination

STREAM: I Am Abomination – “Ninety-Nine

I Am Abomination have unleashed a brand new single which will be featured on their upcoming full length album Let The Future Tell The Truth. The song is titledNinety-Nine” and you can listen to it by checking below the jump. Let The Future Tell The Truth will be released November 27. If you have […]

I Am Abomination 2012

LYRIC VIDEO: I Am Abomination – “To Rebuild

Michigan favorites I Am Abomination have unleashed their powerful lyric video for the new track “To Rebuild” and can be seen right here. This is what we have been waiting for all day! IAA plan on releasing their new effort, Let The Future Tell The Truth, on November 27 and Under The Gun Review cannot […]

I Am Abomination 2012

I Am Abomination Detail Band History, Announce New Album

Michigan metal outfit I Am Abomination have released an entire band history, called “Off The Radar,” that takes us through the highs and lows of the promising group. At the end of this video there is a special preview of a brand new track as well as the announcement of their new album. I Am […]

i am abomination

I Am Abomination Recording Plans

Michigan natives I Am Abomination have announced to their fans that they are preparing to record their upcoming untitled album in less than a month! Phil Druyor and Nick Sampson always strive for the best possible sound in their music so expect nothing short of greatness. View the official statement from the duo by simply […]

i am abomination

STREAM: I Am AbominationHangin’ On

Michigan rockers I Am Abomination have unleashed a stream of their new song “Hangin’ On” and can be heard right here on Under The Gun! This single combines all of the elements we love about the duo including fast guitar picking, soaring vocals and fierce drumming. You definitely do not want to miss on what […]

i am abomination

I Am Abomination Teaser For SingleHangin’ On”

I Am Abomination have unleashed the crushing new teaser for their upcoming singleHangin’ On.” This song will be available to purchase on January 24 and come off of their full-length record, which is planned to drop in September. No word yet on the album name or details regarding the project, but UTG will keep […]

i am abomination

LYRIC VIDEO: I Am AbominationAbduction

Check out a lyric video for I Am Abomination‘s song “Abduction” off of the bands latest EP Passion Of The Heist. They have also announced that they are working on their new full length album, which we are really excited for. View the video by clicking past the jump and let UTG know what you […]

I Am Abomination streamAscensionfeaturing Caleb Shomo (Attack Attack!)

To kick off their second release of the year I Am Abomination are pulling out all the stops with Passion Of The Heist. On top of their cd releasing today the group is streaming their song “Ascensionright here featuring Caleb Shomo of Attack Attack!. Take a listen and if you like what you hear […]