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Bloodhound Gang Share Another New Song, “Dimes”

Since around August, we have steadily been dished out new songs by Bloodhound Gang. First was “Chew Toy,” and then in October, “American Bitches.” And now, this week, the band gave us “Dimes.” The song is classic Bloodhound Gang, with potty humor mixed with insults and hip-hop beats to drive the song inside your ears […]

bowling for soup

REVIEW: Bowling For Soup – Lunch. Drunk. Love.

Artist: Bowling For Soup Album: Lunch. Drunk. Love. Genre: Pop Rock Sometimes in order to really understand music, the listener must really take the time to break it down to the most basic form. It requires picking it apart and ripping away any stereotypes clinging to the genre or street credibility associated with the sound. […]

My Top Ten

My Top Ten: Animal Bands

Without question, band names come in trends: “The” bands, Number bands. Animal bands, however, seems to have survived the test of time, spanning back as far as I can remember. Below, I have listed what I believe to be My Top Ten bands with an animal in the title. Again, the rules are simple: Pick […]


REVIEW: Relient K – K Is For Karaoke

Artist: Reliant K Album: K Is For Karaoke Genre: Rock/Pop Label: Mono vs. Stereo/Gotee Records Relient K’s decision to release an album composed entirely of cover songs is a bold move, and certainly more daring than the traditional inclusion of one cover on an otherwise original album. These are fourteen songs of differing fame, some […]


REVIEW: Foxing – ‘The Albatross’

Artist: Foxing Album: The Albatross Genre: Emo “When the tide rolled in, there was nothing left but an albatross hanging from my neck, and just as you could not contain the sea, you could not contain me,” sings Foxing vocalist Conor Murphy on the opening track of The Albatross. The line is an allusion to […]