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Stream Fugazi’s ‘First Demo’ From 1988

Dischord Records are slated to release First Demo, a compilation of previously unheard Fugazi material, this coming Tuesday (November 18), and in anticipation, have made the entire collection available for streaming. Check it out by following the jump below, and let us know your thoughts in the replies. The 11-track effort was originally recorded in […]


Fugazi To Release Demo Compilation From 1988

November 18 of this year marks a special day for fans of hardcore quintet Fugazi. Dischord Records has announced that they will officially be releasing First Demo, a compilation of eleven tracks the band had recorded at Inner Ear Studio in 1988 for the sake of finding out what their music sounded like on tape. […]


Listen To Lorde’s Fugazi-Inspired High School Band

Over the past year, Lorde has experienced the type of meteoric success that most musicians only dream of. The 17-year-old’s full-length debut, Pure Heroine, daintily muscled its way to the top of music charts around the globe last fall, debuting at number 3 on the Billboard 200, and selling 129,000 copies during its first week. […]


WATCH: Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) And Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) – “Sign The Dotted Line” (The Tall Dwarfs Cover)

Jeff Mangum has played for the Occupy Wall Street movement many times; his original return to performing was a spontaneous performance in New York City. He lives in the city now, after all. Guy Picciotto has been more of a producer than a band member since Fugazi‘s hiatus. However, the two independent legends joined together […]


The Evens (ex-Fugazi, Minor Threat) Announce Album Details

Ian MacKaye was the lead vocalist for hardcore punk band Minor Threat and pioneered the straight edge movement, then the guitarist for post-hardcore band Fugazi. For the past few years, his main project has been alternative rock band The Evens with his wife. Now The Evens have set the release date for their next album, […]

ALBUM STREAM: Wugazi – 13 Chambers (Fugazi x Wu-Tang)

The latest internet sensation, Wugazi is a project blending the musica outputs of Wu-Tang and the midwest hip-hop collective known as Doomtree. Their brand new mixtape can be streamed below, as well as downloaded for your personal collection. To us, this screams “soundtrack to a BBQ,” but decide for yourself:

Fugazi documentary screening in D.C.

The National Gallery Of Art in Washington D.C. will be holding screenings of the Fugazi documentary, Instruments, on February 12th and 27th. The members will also be making an appearance at the February 27th screening.

Fugazi’s “End Hits” Re-Released on Vinyl

Dischord Records has re-released the 1998 End Hits album by Fugazi. The label has been slowly going about remastering and pressing much of their acclaimed back-catalog. The 12″ End Hits, which comes with a free MP3 download, is available HERE

ecca vandal

Sounds Of The (Down) Underground: Ecca Vandal

Artist: Ecca Vandal Genre: Ecca Vandal Latest release: “White Flag” / “Battle Royal” For fans of: Genre-hopping, futuristic jams with a punk rock spirit. It has been said that music is the last true voice of the human spirit, a transcendent communication tool that can go beyond divisions of race, gender, socioeconomic status or religious […]

MAIDS Des Moines Interview


A MAIDS live show isn’t something that’s going to punch you in the gut. It’s not aggressive or overbearing. A MAIDS live show is like an addictive trance. The band sends participants into a transfusive and seductive melting pot of pop hooks and an authentic mixture of electronic and experimental instrumentation. It’s the type of […]


Motion City Soundtrack To Release ‘I Am The Movie: The Movie’

Motion City Soundtrack‘s debut album I Am The Movie was released in June of 2003 by Epitaph records. More than 10 years later, we’re getting a documentary about the album–titled, of course, I Am The Movie: The Movie. It’s set to be released May 13. The documentary will receive a limited edition DVD release in addition to […]


UTG LIST: 25 Bands We Want New Material From In 2014

***UPDATE*** Five (late) submissions have been added, for a total of 30 Bands We Want New Material From In 2014. 2013 marked a year of musical resurrection on many levels. We’ve been given long-awaited reunions, new records, celebratory re-issues, and anniversary shows fantastic enough to make even the most rudimentary of music fans giddy. With […]