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Inventions (Explosions In The Sky, Eluvium) Stream Debut Album

Need some mellow instrumental music in your life right now? If so, then you’re in luck! Inventions, a side project of members from Explosions In The Sky and Eluvium, have partnered up with NPR to stream their debut self-titled album in its entirety a little over a week before its official release date. I’ve listened […]


Hear a New Single From Inventions (Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium)

Ambient post-rock lovers heard good news a little over a week ago when it was reported that Mark T. Smith of Explosions in the Sky and Eluvium’s Matthew Cooper teamed up to form a new band called Inventions. Their full self-titled LP is due April 1 via Temporary Residence Ltd., but you can get a taste of […]


Explosions In The Sky and Eluvium Form New Band Called Inventions

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from some of our favorite post-rockers in Explosions in the Sky who were last seen scoring the soundtrack for Paul Rudd flick Prince Avalanche. Now it’s time to mark some more noise, but under a different name. Mark Smith of Explosions In The Sky and Matthew Cooper of Eluvium have teamed […]


New ‘Machete Kills’ Red Band Trailer Is Full Of Badass…Kills

As far as Robert Rodriguez’s “Mexploitation” films go, you either love ’em or hate ’em. The Machete character has been around for quite some time in one way or another. Danny Trejo’s character in 2001’s Spy Kids was actually called Isador “Machete” Cortez, but you may recall Trejo all the way back in 1995’s Desperado […]


Miley Cyrus Kickstarts Comeback With “We Can’t Stop”

I imagine some of you are reading this while simultaneously reaching for your pitchfork sharpeners and torches, but hear me out: Reinventions are hard and intriguing creatures. Someone you’re familiar with for a particular skill or gift attempts to remain in your life under a description, and more often than not it does not go […]

iron man 3


Movie: Iron Man 3 Director: Shane Black Writers: Shane Black, Drew Pearce Studio:Marvel Studios, DMG Entertainment You can stop saying “Stark Knight Rises” now. This expression has been doing the rounds since the very first trailer landed for Iron Man 3, implying that Tony Stark’s third outing would be some kind of serious, redemptive meditation […]

Chi Cheng deftones

Chi Cheng, Deftones Bassist Passes Away

We have some sad news to report tonight: it seems that Deftones bassist Chi Cheng has passed away. After a car accident in Santa Clara, CA back in 2008, Chi suffered major injuries. He was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. This accident left Cheng in a coma. In 2010, […]


REVIEW: Young Buffalo – Self-titled EP

Artist: Young Buffalo Album: Young Buffalo EP If all of the pens in my house ran dry and I could only scratch one word to describe Young Buffalo, persnickety would be the word I would scribble down. This isn’t actually because the band is persnickety. The words flawless, epic, catching, hipster and dance-hall all seem […]