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REVIEW TIMES TWO: Kevin Devine – ‘Bubblegum’ & ‘Bulldozer’

Artist: Kevin Devine Albums: Bulldozer & Bubblegum Genre: Indie Label: Devinyl Records / Favorite Gentleman / Procrastinate! It would be easy enough to get away with glossing over a Kevin Devine review. Realistically all it takes is tossing 500 buzzwords at a webpage, including phrases like Andy Hull, Jesse Lacey, and Bad Books. If you take the lazy way […]


TLC Return With New Album, Biopic, and Surprise Announcement

Earlier this morning the best selling female R&B group of all time, TLC announced their return to music. In a press conference at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City the storied group announced that they are set to release a currently untitled greatest hits album on October 15, which will feature several new songs. […]


REVIEW: Driver Friendly – Peaks + Valleys

BAND: Driver Friendly ALBUM: Peaks + Valleys LABEL: Hopeless Records GENRE: Power-Pop, Indie Rock With hooks flying and an energy surrounding them that could wear out any sugar-high, hyperactive pre-teen, Driver Friendly is not only selling you their music with their latest release Peaks + Valleys, they’re selling you a work ethic. Both onstage and […]

betty who feature

REVIEW: Betty Who – The Movement

Artist: Betty Who Album: The Movement Label: Unsigned Genre: Pop You can say whatever you want about the 1980s being a disposable decade for music. You can toss around names like Wham and Culture Club all day, but it won’t change the fact that a generation of slap bracelets and Devo hats altered music with […]


REVIEW: The Strokes – Comedown Machine

Band: The Strokes Album: Comedown Machine Label: RCA Genre: Garage Rock If the whole of your research were to stem strictly from the interwebs, one would have to surmise that The Strokes’ new album Comedown Machine was, without question, the worst album ever created in the history of modern music. This, however, is nothing more […]


REVIEW: Allison Weiss – Say What You Mean

Artist: Allison Weiss Album: Say What You Mean Label: No Sleep In terms of love, there are two distinctly different industry approaches. There is of course the Hollywood viewpoint, which is packed full of hopefulness, armpit-deep in smitten and founded on long walks on the beach. This is the same industry that had made both […]


SXSW 2013: A Survival Guide

In preparation of South By Southwest (SXSW), the music industry’s most epic and grueling music festival, I felt inclined to make a list of advice and suggestions that I wish that someone had told me in 2009, as I headed into the event. So to all of you SXSW rookies out there, read the following: […]


REVIEW: Tegan and Sara – Heartthrob

Artist: Tegan and Sara Album: Heartthrob Genre: Indie/Pop Is there anything more refreshing than watching a band or musician come to terms with who they are? Following their career as they age and mature can honestly be as inspiring as watching your kids grow. That said, Tegan and Sara have finally become full-fledged adults. On […]


REVIEW: Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier EP

Artist: Biffy Clyro Album: Black Chandelier EP Genre: Post Hardcore, Alternative Label: 14th Floor Records Stereotypes are the worst, aren’t they? Without reason they leave you branded with a certain stigma or personality that may not necessarily be indicative of you, yet any effort to change or shake these conventionalized ideas often results in their […]


REVIEW: Beach Fossils – Clash the Truth

Artist: Beach Fossils Album: Clash the Truth Genre: Indie, Lo-Fi, Surf-rock Label: Captured Tracks Musically speaking, Dustin Payseur is anything but lazy. The proof is right there on the mix of Clash the Truth, the sophomore release from pet project Beach Fossils.  The album shoulders enough strong musical structures to demand notice while suggesting just […]

Zz ward

UTG Interview: ZZ Ward

With her bold voice and charming personality there is absolutely no reason why ZZ Ward should not take over the world. With a bluesy sound spliced softly with hip-hop and protest singer influences, Ward seems to come at you from all angles. Sure, her sound can effortlessly be written-off as resembling Adele and Amy Winehouse, […]


ALBUM REVIEW: Green Day – ¡Tré!

Artist: Green Day Album: ¡Tre! Genre: Punk(ish) Realistically speaking, following my first listen to ¡Tré!, the third installment of the latest Green Day trilogy, I should have rejoiced with a sizable party of family and friends. Having embraced and approved of all 12 of the tracks on the album, I honestly should be god damned […]