Secoué stream stunningly evocative new EP, ‘Of Heaven’

Long Island quintet Secoué are streaming their newest release, a five-track EP titled Of Heaven, which also serves as the first album of 2016 likely to render you a pathetic puddle of emotions, slowly seeping through the floor into your basement, where you’ll listen to the album all over again just to try and cope. It’s supremely heavy, both in tone and lyrics—beautifully dark and tragic, and raw beginning to end. Even at just 23 minutes in length, it’s sure to deeply resonate with fans of emotional hardcore and post-emo type bands ranging from Brand New and Citizen to Pianos Become The Teeth and Touche Amore.

Along with the premiere of the EP over at Punktastic, vocalist Christian DiStasi explains that Of Heaven—dedicated to his mother who passed away in January of last year—is “a record about dealing with mental illness, but most importantly, it’s a record about life.” On Facebook, DiStasi shared the album with a gut-punch of a caption: “This one’s for you, Mom. I love you and I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” Yeah, take that in then feel that pain throughout Of Heaven below. Prepare to take the rest of the day off.

Of Heaven is out as of today, February 10, so head to Secoué’s Bandcamp and purchase this beauty so you’re ahead of the curve on what’s sure to be a steamroller of a career moving forward. Read more »

UTG PREMIERE: Rosedale – “What Means More”


Rosedale, AKA self-proclaimed workaholic Mike Liorti, does pop-rock right. With the assistance of an ever-changing band of backing musicians, the Toronto native crafts wonderfully accessible jams that would feel right at home on your most cherished high school mixtape—think Jack’s Mannequin meets The Graduate meets The Dangerous Summer. Sounds pretty great, right?

This morning, we have the pleasure of premiering “What Means More,” the latest single to surface off Rosedale’s impending self-titled LP. Give it a spin below, and snag a pre-order before the album drops on February 23. Read more »

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Deadpool’ Thinks It’s Different, Is Totally Not


Film: Deadpool
Directed by: Tim Miller
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller

It’s almost every time a comic book movie comes out that you hear “it’s like all of the other ones!” People, not just critics, decry the lack of voice and personality behind your favorite intellectual properties gracing the screen. That’s primarily why films like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Kingsman: The Secret Service rise to the top, because they break the mold a bit and deliver a “different” vision. Deadpool isn’t one of those movies. Underneath the surface-level fourth wall-breaking conceit lies a self-satisfaction that consistently gets in the way of the film saying or doing anything “different.” Just because you sport a different brand doesn’t mean you are free from being saddled by the same conventions.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-special forces operative taking on mercenary jobs to get by. After getting diagnosed with terminal cancer, he is approached by a mysterious corporation offering to get him better by turning him into a superhero. Little does he know that he is to become a super-slave. Read more »


Julien Baker Announces Spring Headlining Tour

Memphis, Tennessee singer-songwriter Julien Baker has been penetrating the alternative music scene like no other upon the 2015 release of her captivating debut album, Sprained Ankle.

The talented young musician has just announced the East Coast leg of her North American headlining tour. The additional dates also include a few shows in Canada and an appearance in this year’s South By South West festival in Austin, TX. Tickets go on sale this Friday and will be available here.

A full list of Baker’s North American and European tour dates can be found below. Read more »


Beach Slang Announce Spring Headlining Tour

After the seemingly non-stop work year they had in 2015, Beach Slang have once again announced that they will be hitting the road this Spring.

The Philadelphia punk darlings, whose debut full-length record, The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us, stole the hearts of so many, have been continuously playing shows throughout the UK and Europe. Their US Spring headliner will be in support of the aforementioned record, and they will also be joined by Potty Mouth and Dyke Drama.

For a full list of dates, check out their tour poster below. Tickets go on sale on February 12 at 12PM EST. Read more »

pup dvp

PUP continue their perfect video streak with “DVP” lyric video

After streaming the lead single from their upcoming sophomore LP late last month, the Canadian punk four-piece known as PUP have unveiled its accompanying lyric video, and in typical PUP fashion, it’s fucking great.

Featuring imagery from ’80s and ’90s video game franchises such as Mega Man, Super Mario Bros., Toejam And Earl, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Earthworm Jim and countless others, creator/director Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux has really outdone himself. The lyrics are seamlessly inserted into each game clip with fonts appropriate to the source material. It’s genius really. Check it out below, via Nerdist.

Details regarding PUP’s upcoming LP are still under wraps but the effort is expected to drop sometime this Spring. Keep an eye out here at UTG for more info. Read more »


O’Brother Attempt To “Deconstruct” On New LP, ‘Endless Light’

O’Brother have announced their third LP, titled Endless Light, to be released on March 25, via Triple Crown Records. Pre-orders are available now in a variety of formats and bundles.

The band has also released a new track, “Deconstruct,” which is a brooding, eerie cut that highlights the band’s phenomenal atmosphere and grittiness.

Accompanied by an in-studio video, we see the band groove through “Deconstruct” with bending guitars in front of the best beefy bass and drums combo around right now.

O’Bro is also hitting the road, playing various dates with Foxing, Caspian, and Defeater. Be sure to check out the dates for the run along with the numbing “Deconstruct” below (via Noisey). Read more »

UTG PREMIERE: Ghosts Again – “Les Enfants Terribles” (Music Video)

ghosts again 1

This morning, we’re stoked to be premiering Ghosts Again‘s brand new music video for “Les Enfants Terribles,” a blood-pumping number that’s sure to sit well with fans of PMToday, Saosin, and other like-minded acts. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut, which is set to make landfall later this year. Give it a spin after the break.

In regards to the trio’s latest undertaking, vocalist Alex Cortright shared:

“‘Les Enfants Terribles’ is a song about losing your home and just trying to get away from the toxic things of your past, which is something I think a lot of people can relate to. This track was also one of the first songs we sat down together to write for the upcoming record and it was then that I think we really found our sound.”

If you like what you hear, get acquainted with Ghosts Again on Twitter. Read more »

UTG INTERVIEW: FKi’s Sauce Lord Rich Gears Up For A Dominant 2016


After interviewing Fki’s 1st in late 2015, we had the chance to speak with the production duo’s more opulent half, Sauce Lord Rich. Hailing from Harlem but raised in Atlanta, Rich’s ear for sound transcends not only boundaries established by region, but genre as well; an obvious notion when glancing at his production credits for a wide range of chart-dominating artists including Iggy Azalea, Travis Scott, and Ty Dolla Sign.

Much like 1st, though, Rich is finally prepared to step beyond the realm of production and display his talents as an all-around artist – but as he made clear multiple times during our conversation, he’s not looking for flash-in-the-pan, single-genre success. Rather, his eyes are set solely on the top of the music scene, and with the ultra-confidence exuding from his voice during our conversation, it’s difficult to doubt him. Read more »

On The Road: February 2016 Tour Roundup


On The Road is your trusty, bi-weekly guide to ongoing and upcoming tours from many of your favorite artists. This list will be updated regularly with dates and other necessary information for you to get that mark-your-calendar fix.

If you feel we’ve forgotten anyone, don’t hesitate to point it out. Leave a comment down below!

North America:

  • The 1975 (04/18 – 05/25) | Tickets
  • A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive, State Champs (04/30 – 05/21) | Tickets
  • Adele (07/05 – 11/15) | Tickets
  • At The Drive-In (05/13 – 06/23) | Tickets
  • Bane (03/24 – 06/18) | Tickets
  • Basement, Turnstile, Defeater, Colleen Green (04/06 – 05/01) | Tickets
  • Beach Slang, Dyke Drama, Party Mouth (4/20 – 5/21) | Tickets
  • Beyoncé (04/27 – 06/12) | Tickets *
    Read more »

UTG PREMIERE: Sweettalker – “Jenny” (Music Video)


Don’t let their name fool you—Nashville, Tennessee’s Sweettalker pack a punch you won’t soon forget. Bold, commanding, and vehemently bad-ass, the trio’s sound is all at once reckless and radio-ready, bursting with dirty southern rock riffs as satisfying as the Music City’s finest shot of whiskey.

Today, we have the privilege of bringing you the outfit’s brand new music video for “Jenny,” a raucous, red-hot, barnstormer packed with enough energy to power a small country. Check it out below, where you’ll also find a quick Q&A with vocalist David Brown and guitarist Ryan Pattengale.

If you’re a fan of the band’s latest, keep in touch with them on Instagram and Twitter. Read more »

trailers super bowl 50

Watch New Trailers For ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ’10 Cloverfield Lane,’ ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and ‘Jason Bourne’

Ahhh, the Super Bowl. Nothing quite like grabbing a Budweiser beer, some Doritos, watching the game, and catching up on the latest trailers for all of the summer blockbusters.

Super Bowl 50 treated us Marvel nerds well; in addition to a few spots including Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, we’ve got brand new trailers for Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse. Universal Pictures also managed to sneak in a first look at the upcoming Matt Damon-led Bourne film, simply titled Jason Bourne. Finally, for those looking forward to the “spiritual successor” to the 2008, JJ Abrams-produced sci-fi/thriller Cloverfield, an awesome new 30-second spot for 10 Cloverfield Lane was shown as well.

Check out all of the latest trailers below. Read more »

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