Deftones Release Powerhouse New Track, “Prayers/Triangles”

Finally, finally, finally. New Deftones tunes have made it through the airwaves.

“Prayers/Triangles” is the first piece of music released from the Deftones’ upcoming LP, Gore, and to no surprise, it rules.

Beginning with an eerie riff in Deftones fashion, the track soon explodes with ferocious beauty as only the band is known for. The lines “you will never be free” ring as the band takes us through verse to chorus, accompanied by constantly flying flamingos.

Gore will release on April 8 to much anticipation. With “Prayers/Triangles” as our first introduction to the record, there is much to be excited for. Stream the new track below, and be sure to let us know what you think.

“You will never be free.” Read more »

UTG PHOTOS: Jess Glynne in New York City (01/20/16)

jess glynne feat

Under The Gun Review sent photographer MJ Rawls to Webster Hall in NYC to shoot Jess Glynne on her ‘I Cry When I Laugh’ Tour.

Have you ever been in the car and heard a song so catchy, you couldn’t get your phone out fast enough to find out what it was? (Not while driving, of course). That song for me was “Hold My Hand” by Jess Glynne. With that, I realized I was already acquainted with the London, England-born singer through the 2014 track by Clean Bandit, “Rather Be.” Both of these songs are reminiscent of ’90s dance music, elevated by Glynne’s soulful twist on it. Glynne’s Webster Hall show was sold out for months, but you always want to add something different to the repertoire of music journalism. Far be it from me to be allergic to a good groove, so I went to check it out. Read more »


Listen To A Brand New Say Anything Album Right Now

Surprise! After some cryptic teasing on their official website earlier today, Say Anything have just released their new record, I Don’t Think It Is. The record is streaming in full on their website now, you’ll be able to purchase it digitally on Friday, and it’ll be available in physical formats in April.

Max Bemis released a statement on the exciting roll-out for the new record, and his decision to release the record in such an unconventional way:

“Hi, this is Max (from Say Anything.) My team and I decided to forego the dying art of the lead‐up and share our new record “I Don’t Think It Is” with you, right now, with no warning. Why? Obvious. I want to be like Bey. Not‐really‐kidding aside, I’ve become a bit weary of doing the same song and dance leading up to the actual end­game, people actually listening to something​. It also seems to fit with the core of this record: me destroying any notion of feeling blasé about music.”

Stream I Don’t Think It Is below and let us know what you think! Read more »


Saosin sign to Epitaph, release teaser for new album

Saosin‘s new album with original vocalist, Anthony Green, is quickly becoming more of a reality for fans. Today, the band released a teaser for the as-yet-untitled third full-length, their first in seven years (heh) following 2009’s In Search of Solid Ground. It’s their first with Anthony Green at the helm since 2003’s beloved, debut EP, Translating The Name.

If the 30-second clip is any indication of what we can expect from the effort as a whole, I think it’s safe to say that this highly anticipated album (and studio reunion with Green) will have been well worth the wait. No street date for the album has been unveiled yet, but it’s expected sometime this Spring via the band’s new label home at Epitaph Records. The release will be Saosin’s first without original guitarist Justin Shekoski, who has since replaced Quinn Allman in The Used.

“Making this record was such a sentimental thing for me,” Green confesses. “You can literally hear us making amends with each other while lamenting on our experiences together. It was very healing and cathartic, and might be the heaviest thing I’ve been a part of since the first EP. Epitaph is a perfect fit for this band.” Read more »

alex aff

Alex Aff Releases Minimalistic Visuals For “Understand”

Durham native Alex Aff first caught our attention in 2015 with Forever, a full-length project grounded in hip-hop’s classic, boom-bap aesthetic.

After kicking off the new year with a supremely raw cut in “The Regency” that he describes as “a gritty joint over a jazz sample,” Aff has returned to Forever with black-and-white visuals for the standout track, “Understand.” Featuring nothing more than Aff wandering the streets and spitting bars, its minimalistic nature allows his charisma to take center stage.

Follow the jump to peep the video, and for those who have managed to sleep on it, download Forever here. Read more »

UTG INTERVIEW: Goldengoat Discuss Dynamic Debut Demo


The alternative music scene is brimming with talent, but Phoenix five-piece Goldengoat are in a league all their own. Energetic and unyielding, the group’s one-of-a-kind sound defies classification in the best possible way, melding elements of rock, emo and punk to create an emotionally-charged final product that is certain to leave listeners aching for more.

Shortly after falling in love with the outfit’s heinously under-publicized debut demo, we chatted with vocalist Chris Parsons and guitarist Brent Guiterrez, who told us all about their latest release, as well as their plans for the rest of 2016. Check out our conversation below, and if you’re a fan, keep in touch with the band on Facebook. Read more »

midwest soul

Midwest Soul Xchange offer solid roots rock on ‘New American Century’ LP

Wisconsin duo Midwest Soul Xchange, comprised of members Nate Cherrier and Ryan Summers (who’ve known each other for 20 years), recently released an 11-track full-length titled New American Century, which is essentially the Heartland in audio format—everything you might expect the band’s moniker to represent.

Speaking on the album in a recent interview with Vents Magazine, Nate Cherrier says, “In a way, it’s like a road trip through the heart of the American Dream, or at least the state of affairs the nation has found itself in since the turn of the century.” Touching on influences that may have had an effect on the album’s themes in lyricism, bandmate Ryan Summers adds, “I get a lot of inspiration from books and other works of art. The song ‘Roots’ is based on a painting my wife made. The song ‘Revolt Of The Guards’ is based entirely on Howard Zinn’s book ‘A People’s History Of The United States.’ The title is actually taken from one of the later chapters in that book.” Read more »

stormy mondays

Stormy Mondays feature a bevy of instruments on their double EP release

Oviedo, Spain-based folk-rock quintet Stormy Mondays simultaneously released two EPs late in 2015, titled The Lay Of The Land and Wading The River, respectively, with a combined total of 13 tracks.

Melding elements of classic rock with modern folk and Americana, the five-piece have countless instruments featured across both releases, including traditional guitars and percussion as well as various organs, pianos, ukulele, hurdy-gurdy, horns, woodwinds and more. The layers and arrangements alone are impressive.

If it’s good enough for NASA, you can bet it’s good enough for us. Stormy Mondays’ work has literally been out of this world.

Of the double release, the band says, via their website: Read more »


Craig Owens releases frenetic, 4-track grindcore EP

Craig Owens (Chiodos, D.R.U.G.S., Cinematic Sunrise, etc.) has released a surprise EP through his subscription-based service, Cheer Up Kid. To the shock of many, it’s not exactly what most would likely expect from the Michigan artist. This project’s debut, dubbed Empathy Is A Gift, is a rip-roaring grindcore effort worthy of the project’s vicious moniker, BEA5T. Offering four tracks, which when combined clock in at just around six minutes in total (so yeah, grindcore), the EP is relentless in its delivery and sounds pretty damn good for being recorded in a bedroom. In all honesty, if you can handle grindcore, you’ll probably enjoy this. If anything, it’s a brief experience to endure if you’re not into chaotic guitar work, blastbeats and ferocious, unintelligible vocals.

“Growing up some my favorite bands were Ed Gein, the Locust, Converge and Botch. I’ve always wanted to do a grind-core thing,” Owens has shared. “My friend Hiram was down to make an album, so we did. He came over and stayed with me for a couple of days in Malibu, and we recorded the entire thing in my bedroom. We just wanted to make an album because it felt good—not for money, not for fame—but because we love music, and making art is cool.” Read more »

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Mojave’ Hurls Everything At A Wall, Something Sticks


Film: Mojave
Directed by: William Monahan
Starring: Garrett Hedlund, Oscar Isaac, Walton Goggins

William Monahan, the Boston native who wrote Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, makes his second directorial effort with Mojave. The man clearly has a knack for writing people driven by their selfish anger, but always in a satirical and funny sense. Same thing happened with The Gambler, the 2014 drama with Mark Wahlberg that got unfairly maligned by critics. With Mojave, his sophomore effort, all that “men as assholes” material sticks. The story that all these men occupy? Not so much.

Suicidal writer, Thomas (Garrett Hedlund), has been having a rough time lately, especially since he feels guilty for cheating on his wife. A chance encounter with a homicidal drifter named Jack (Oscar Isaac) in the Mojave Desert ends up leaving Thomas on the run. Read more »

dave matthews

Tickets Available for Dave Matthews Band’s 25th Anniversary Tour

Dave Matthews Band has announced that they will be taking a touring hiatus for 2017. But before the break from the road, the band will go out with a bang in 2016 by playing a massive North American summer tour to celebrate their 25th anniversary as a group. To celebrate their history, the band will play two full sets for each night of the tour, which begins on May 11 in Wichita, Kansas and runs until August 31 at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California. Tickets to see Dave Matthews Band went on sale this week, and have already flooded the resale market.

As it stands, DMB tickets are averaging $349 across all scheduled dates. The band is scheduled to play their priciest performance at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on Long Island, New York, where tickets are averaging $668, with the cheapest ticket available for $138. The cheapest performance is on track to be the band’s July 13 stop at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire, where tickets are averaging just $85. Read more »


Brand New Confirm New Release In 2016, New Kevin Devine LP In Strange Press Release

Brand New are a band that likes to play games with their monstrous, rabid fanbase. Their latest game comes in the form of a press release from in-house record label Procrastinate! Music Traitors, which seems to confirm a new record from the band, as well as a Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band LP, amongst other tidbits of information.

If Procrastinate! is to be believed, Brand New will have a new release in an “unconfirmed format” available through the release by year’s end. Kevin Devine’s new full-band endeavor, as well as a release from a band called Greater Pyrenees will both release on traditional LP. If I had to put money down, I’d assume Jesse Lacey and friends will release their new material in a traditional format as well, albeit with far more tomfoolery.

Check out the very cool press release below. Read more »

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