Mod Sun Forms Alliance With Rostrum Records, Releases “1970” Music Video

After several months spent working on his debut album, Mod Sun has broke his public silence with a series of major news announcements. The man behind hippie-hop revealed to fans this week that he has formed an alliance with the good people at Rostrum Records. This is different than a record deal, but will include […]

Johnny Cash Shel Silverstein

Johnny Cash Reveals Shel Silverstein Wrote “A Boy Named Sue”

When I was younger, I never understood why musicians were sometimes described as singer-songwriters. Didn’t everyone do both? Why would someone not write their own music? Over time it became clear that some musicians weren’t lyricists, making the label “singer-songwriter” much more revealing (and honorable) than I ever understood. Turns out even the biggest singer-songwriters […]


Hear Bob Dylan’s 1970 Outtake “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”

New Morning, Bob Dylan‘s eleventh studio album containing hits such as “The Man In Me” and “If Not For You,” has just had an outtake of “Tomorrow Is A Long Time” revealed. The song never made it onto the album, but a beautiful live 1963 version was slotted in his Greatest Hits Vol. 2. Now, over 40 years […]