Blink-182 are NOT Breaking Up

Over the past couple of days rumors have been swirling that pop-punk icons, Blink-182, are heading once again towards splits-ville. Those rumors have been further stoked by the numerous injuries and illnesses faced by drummer Travis Barker and guitarist/singer Tom DeLonge over the past couple of months that have forced the pop-punk trio to cancel […]


REST IN PEACE: Heavy D (1967-2011)

TMZ is reporting that legendary hip hop icon Heavy D has passed away at the age of 44. According to reports, Heavy D (real name Dwight Arrington Myers) was rushed to an LA area hospital around noon today and died a short time thereafter. Cops are investigating the death, but as of right now they […]

(+44)’s When Your Heart Stops Beating being pressed to vinyl

Die-hard blink-182 fans and vinyl collectors alike are being pumped full of good news this week. Not only has a vinyl release of blink-182’s The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show been announced, but now, news has raised to the surface stating that (+44)‘s When Your Heart Stops Beating will be pressed as well. This was […]