99 problems


WATCH: Jack White Covers Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ In Louisville

Jack White has 99 problems but an Icky Thump ain’t one. When performing at Louisville’s Forecastle Festival last Saturday night, the modern rock ‘n’ roll legend cleverly mixed the White Stripes‘ single, “Icky Thump,” with Jay Z‘s iconic rap number, “99 Problems.” Using the blues-influenced downbeat from “Icky Thump,” White spits versus from “99 Problems,” […]


LISTEN: Body Count Releases Updated Version of Ice-T’s “99 Problems”

Many people seem to forget (or simply never knew) the chorus of Jay-Z’s massive 2003 hit “99 Problems” was actually lifted from an Ice-T song of the same name that originally appeared on his 1993 solo record Home Invasion. Now, with Ice-T’s metal band Body Count preparing to release their new album Manslaughter through Sumerian […]


WATCH: Courtney Love – “99 Problems” (Jay-Z Cover)

A fan captured Courtney Love covering Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” at her performance on January 22 at Utah’s Sundance Film Festival. Prior to performing Jay-Z’s rap classic, Love said, “This either sucks or it’s genius. I don’t know”. Regarding her own musical career, Love told Rolling Stone back in October that she would be releasing her […]


Jay-Z & Pearl Jam Perform “99 Problems” At Made In America Festival

Music industry veterans Jay-Z and Pearl Jam came together at day 2 of the Made In America Festival this weekend and the results were mind-blowing. This rockers powered through a distortion-laced version of Hova’s classic “99 Problems” and the fans went crazy. This is one showing that will stick with us for a long time. […]


Carlos Serrano Releases Jay-Z/The Glitch Mob Mashup

HYPETRAK has locked down an incredible mashup featuring the talents of Jay-Z and The Glitch Mob. Carlos Serrano has used his extreme talent to create “99 Days”  clustering “99 Problems” and “Fortunate Days.” Take a second and check out the track here. Hell, while you’re at it, check out Serrano’s other works as well. They’re […]

Prodigy releases free “99 Problems” remix

The Prodigy have remixed Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” and are currently offering the track for free download. You can stream the remix here or right click here and download it for yourself.