I Guess You Could Say I Enjoyed Some Music in 2014

This year, I’m throwing convention to the wind. I tend to spend too much time deliberating, trying to narrow things down to a set amount of this or that. For 2014, much like any other year, I’m sharing a [very] large collection of what I enjoyed most in the world of music, except these lists […]


New England Metal and Hardcore Fest 2012 Lineup

The lineup for the 2011 New England Metal And Hardcore Festival has been announced and trust us, you want to be there. Taking place April 20-22, 2012 at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts, the New England Metal And Hardcore festival is welcoming essentially ever solid heavy band in existence. You can view the full lineup, […]

Aborted new limited edition EP

Aborted’s new EP entitled Coronary Reconstruction is being released exclusively in Europe with only 1000 copies being printed. Track listings are listed below. 01. Coronary Reconstruction 02. From A Tepid Whiff 03. Grime 04. A Cadaverous Dissertation 05. Left Hand Path (exclusive ENTOMBED cover)