Minus The Bear Announce ‘Acoustics II’ Release Details

Minus The Bear released an EP titled Acoustics back in 2008; now, a sequel of sorts (the daftly titled Acoustics II) will come out on October 1. Just like the prior EP, it will be primarily acoustic tracks. The artwork has come out for it, as has the tracklisting. This EP, like their past few […]


WATCH: American Opera – Untitled New Song

MindEqualsBlown alumni, Dylan Powell has a lengthy writing portfolio under his belt from his time there, but that wasn’t enough. Eager to set out on his own and make a mark of a different kind, he and a group of forum frequenters started their own site called Sanctuary Review. In just a few short months, […]

Coheed and Cambria

WATCH: Coheed and Cambria plays “The Afterman” acoustically

Late nights, good finds. An Android user attended an in-store performance with Coheed and Cambria at The Sound Garden record store in Syracuse today. There they captured a video of the band playing “The Afterman” with acoustic instruments. The track appears on the first part of the band’s upcoming double LP release, The Afterman: Ascension which will be followed […]

this century 2012

This Century Releases EP Artwork

This Century have been quiet lately but plan to change that today with the revealing of their EP artwork for Acoustics. View the high quality album graphic by clicking through the jump and let UTG know if you plan on picking up this release. We will update you all on details for This Century’s EP […]