alex g

Alex G

Stream Aleg G’s New Single “Hollow”

There are some genres so flooded with artists that it’s hard to decide what actually stands out from the rest. This year, the sappy singer-songwriter trope has been given a diamond in the pile and there’s no denying he’s as talented as he sounds. Pennsylvania native Alex Giannascoli, or better known as Alex G, pens […]

Alex Goot & Tyler Ward cover “Firework”

Check out Alex Goot and Tyler Ward’s cover of “Firework” after the jump!


There’s almost no way you cannot have heard of All Time Low at this point. Whether it be on top 40 radio, MTV, Warped Tour, or maybe you’re one of the elitists who “knew them before they were huge.” This band is one destined for greatness and they’ve been working toward it for years now, […]